Omaggio a Leonardo

Collective exhibition of contemporary

art in homage to Leonardo Da Vinci.

Galleria d'Arte del Cavallo

Valleggia (Savona)

29th November 2019 - 6th January 2020

Mestieri / Workers

A journey through Africa, the Middle East and Asia to discover traditional

and curious crafts, which tell stories of peoples, cultures, territories and traditions.

Polo della Fotografia - Genova

6th April - 7th June 2018


Ephemeral beauty

The ice. Fragile and ephemeral beauty

in two islands of the great north,

Iceland and Greenland, threatened

by climate changes.

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The true essence

The true essence of one of the most fascinating countries of Southeast Asia in the book by the photographer, filmmaker and explorer Luca Bracali.

Photographs by Luca Bracali / Texts by Nadia Ballini.

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