The true essence of one of the most fascinating countries of Southeast Asia in the book by the photographer, filmmaker and explorer Luca Bracali.

Photographs by Luca Bracali / Texts by Nadia Ballini.



In late 1800s, in "Letters from the East", Rudyard Kipling wrote: "This is Burma, and it is quite unlike any land you know about."

The English writer had synthesized in this way the uniqueness of a country that has continued to inspire novelists and directors, fascinated with an area dotted with thousands of pagodas, inhabited by more than a hundred ethnic groups and characterized by cultural differences and customs that have remained unchanged over time. A country that has been able, even today, to keep its authenticity intact.

In this volume Luca Bracali, photographer, director and explorer, signs his Myanmar, telling its true essence through photographs of rare sensitivity.

One picture after another relate the history and the legends of ancient monuments and you can feel the deep spirituality that envelops the country. Life is given to the faces of its kind people which are expertly sculpted by the light and the complex social tissue, where food has a special symbolic meaning, is documented.

To conclude the book there is a chapter dedicated to two traditions in the process of extinction. There are striking pictures, full of pathos, of women whose bodies bear the indelible marks of tribal rituals.

 Images and original texts © Nadia Ballini

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